Arts of the Terrace

2024 Arts of the Terrace Juried Art Show

The entry process is now open for the 44th Annual Arts of the Terrace Juried Art Show through EntryThingy! See below for entry guidelines/information, important dates & times, and 2024 juror information. Please review all entry guidelines prior to starting your entry.

About: The Arts of the Terrace Juried Art Show is an annual week-long event held at the Mountlake Terrace Library open to all artists. The show features five different categories: Paintings/Prints/Drawings, Photography, 3-Dimensional, Artisan Works, and Miniatures. Over the past 43 years, the show has become one of the best in the region, attracting artists and visitors to Snohomish County from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond.



Artwork Delivery Dates

September 13th and 14th, 2024

Friday the 13th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Saturday the 14th, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Show Open To Public

September 21st – September 28th, 2024

Monday – Thursday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:00pm – 5:00pm
Sunday, 9/22: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


September 29th, 2024

Sunday, 9/29: 11:00am-4:00pm

Any works not picked up by Monday, September 30th, will become property of the Arts of the Terrace.



Paintings, Prints, Drawings:
Paintings: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, tempera, airbrush, gouache, encaustic, batik, fresco, collage, mixed media, and calligraphy.
Prints: Relief, intaglio, mezzotint, lithograph, serigraph, monoprint, collagraph and mixed media with printmaking dominant. No Giclees or photographic prints.
Drawings: Graphite, colored pencil, silverpoint, chalk, crayon, pen and ink, conté and mixed media with drawing dominant.

Photography: Film, digital or altered images originating from a film or digital camera.

Miniatures: Same media specifications as paintings, prints and drawings.

3-Dimensional: Nonfunctional three-dimensional art of any material.

Artisan Works: Fine art crafts based on functional concepts. Includes works in clay, mosaic, metal, jewelry, wood, glass, and fiber.


  • Artists 16 years or older are welcome.
  • Artists may enter up to 4 pieces of art in each category, with the exception of 5 in miniatures
  • There is a $20 non-refundable entry fee for each piece of artwork entered.
    MINIATURE ENTRY FEES: $20 for up to 5 miniatures.
  • All entries must be for sale.
  • 25% commission will be collected on all sales.
  • All works must be original, created by the artist in the past 3 years and must not have been shown at a previous Arts of the Terrace show.
  • No copies, derivatives or reproductions; work cannot be based on copyrighted or previously published materials.
  • Artists may not substitute or alter the work after it has been accepted.
  • Digital images of accepted work will be retained by the Arts of the Terrace. We may reproduce accepted artwork only for promotional purposes to advertise the show, in print or digital form.
  • All entries will be juried from digital images.  Images submitted at entry should be standard digital images (JPG or PNG) and at least 1200 pixels on one edge.  Awards will be selected from the original works of art at the show.


Entries must be suitably finished and wired for hanging; no exposed glass or sawtooth hangers.

Paintings, Prints, Drawings, and Photography:
  • Framed work must not exceed 44 inches in height and 54 inches in width.
  • Gallery-wrap canvas must have edges finished (painted).
  • Wet paintings or damaged frames will not be accepted.
3-Dimensional & Artisan Works:
  • Hand carrying size.
  • Items deemed too fragile will not be accepted.
  • No on-site assembly is allowed.
  • Copies of other works, class work and commercially prepared kits will not be accepted.
Miniatures and Small Paintings:
  • Your frame and artwork may be any proportion that meets the following requirements: Artwork can be any size up to 5” x 5” (25 sq. in.). This includes unframed gallery wrapped canvases with finished sides.
    Framed artwork must not exceed 8” x 6” (48 sq. in.). Unframed image size must not exceed 25 square inches. All artwork, framed and unframed, must be wired and ready for hanging.
  • Image must not appear to be part of a larger painting.
  • Miniatures and Small Paintings may be hand delivered or mailed by the delivery dates as noted in important dates section.
    Mailing address is:
    ATTN: Marla French
    Friends of the Arts

    900 213th Pl SW.
    Lynnwood, WA 98036-8608
  • Shipped artwork must include a pre-paid return label


The Arts Commission, the City of Mountlake Terrace, and its agents assume no responsibility for lost or damaged articles; however, every precaution will be taken to prevent such occurrences. Judges and the show committee reserve the right to refuse any piece that does not match the image submitted, or does not meet the framing/finishing criteria. Final acceptance of all entries will be at the jurors’ discretion.

Deadline to Enter is August 16th, 2024
Entry process through entrythingy.com


Frankie Gollub – Paintings, Prints, Drawings, and Miniatures

Seattle realist painter Frankie Gollub paintings captivate the viewer as they behold the very places and moments of fleeting light that inspire his work. As participants in an experience, Frankie’s collectors are magically transported to the top of a ridge, valleys and rock walls descending below while Mount Rainier, majestic in her scale and sublime, is bathed in the light of a late afternoon. Standing on the shores of an alpine lake, shrouded in mystery and dark from the shadows cast by massive walls of the surrounding mountain, the beholder takes in the rewards of a long hike. Suddenly a beam of light reveals a motif of nature that might have been overlooked had Frankie not chosen to unveil this spotlight in his painting. Frankie leads his audience towards a new way of looking at nature. They can no longer hike without conjuring memories of the experiences felt while spellbound by the majesty Frankie creates with oil paint. By sharing his experiences of nature’s light, mystery, and drama, Frankie creates an experience for the viewer to make them feel as if they are standing in the places that inspire him.

“The paintings I create entrance my audience to feel the emotions, subtleties, and drama that inspire my vision as a painter. It is the expression of an experience that defines my work.”

Sam Scott – 3-D & Artisan Works

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and began working with clay at High School. I went to the University of Washington to work with Robert Sperry, Patti Warashina and Howard Kottler. Receiving my BFA in 1975, I proceeded to set up my studio in the Seattle area. Over the years I’ve taught at the University of Washington and Everett Community College and have given numerous workshops. I currently teach at Shoreline Community College.

I have been a ceramic artist in Seattle since 1968 and have worked predominately in porcelain on the potter’s wheel. My forms are defined by functional simplicity and the white surface of each piece is decorated with abstract brushwork in blues, browns and grays.

I also utilize the contrast of the white porcelain surface with a black matte glaze. The development of this glaze has allowed me to employ new forms of decoration on the clay surface, juxtaposing biomorphic poured shapes in contrast to the dense white porcelain. These drips create a graphic tension that is enhanced by orienting the directional flow of the glaze from both rim and foot of the piece. The shape of the pot informs the pouring process creating overlapping patterns which integrate the form, surface, and decoration, unifying the overall design.

More recently I have been exploring my interest in science and technology and their impact on society, in a series of plates. Impressions of various objects are made in the soft clay, becoming contemporary fossils. The contents of each plate are meant to “serve up” commentaries or provoke observations of the ideas, decisions, and developments that impact our actions and leave an “impression” on our society.

My goal is to blend technique and intuition in both form and surface treatment, while working in the vessel format.

Barbara Roser – Photography

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Barbara moved to Seattle, WA. after graduating from College. Barbara spent a number of years working in finance, that is until her husband gave her a camera. With a move to Sammamish WA, she started photographing the neighborhood children in her garden, eventually taking over a room in their house as a studio. Today, her studio uses 2,500 square feet of their home and an acre of gardens. Barbara is makeup artist, photographer, and editor for all her clients, while her husband is the accountant and chief Sherpa. Seasonally, the staff is from 2 to 5 employees. She is singularly focused on portraits and specializes in capturing all the expressions of love: love of family, of a partner, a child, a job, and of self.

She belongs to both local and national professional organizations and charities. She served three years as Operation-Competition Director and four years as President of the Board of Directors for the Seattle Professional Photography Association (SPPA). Her community work is focused on local charitable organizations working with the Issaquah Nourish Network, the Food Bank, the Senior Center and Issaquah School Foundation volunteering photography, time and service.

Barbara has competed twice and twice won Best Photographer of the Year having 12 months of highest points in all divisions. Additionally, she has received awards for Excellent in the Inner Circle National Group Competitions. She continues her studies in business management and advances in photography related technology, specifically the newest and amazing use of Artificial Intelligence.

When asked about retirement she will reply “Never. Why stop doing what you love?”


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Deadline to Enter is August 16th, 2024