Mountlake Terrace Elementary – Andrew Morrison Mural Project

What is the MTE/AM Mural Project?

Edmonds School District, Mountlake Terrace Friends of the Arts, and the MTEAM, are partnering  with local artist Andrew Morrison to create a series of large murals at the new Mountlake Terrace Elementary.

These murals will be part of a series of art pieces that various community members and groups within the school have worked to obtain in order to restart the rich visual arts the school has enjoyed since the hawk mural was first painted by Andrew at the school in 2009.

We are currently raising funds for the project and hope to raise beyond the cost of the project for our partner organization, Mountlake Terrace Friends of the Arts. They are looking forward to providing quality arts education programs throughout the schools and community of Mountlake Terrace, including possible art classes and art docent programs for school age children in the community. The primary goal of our committee is to support the arts both at Mountlake Terrace Elementary and within our community at large.

Concept Art Sample

Andrew Morrison sample of the new mural on the gym’s East wall.  (sample only)

Retaining Wall Mural

Current outside mural wall that was retained during construction of the new school, and will be painted again with this project.

Original MTE Mural

The original mural by Andrew Morrison that was lost during demolition of the old school.  These are students of the school in 2009 when the mural was originally painted.

How will this project impact the school and community of Mountlake Terrace?

By creating a sense of community through art.

We view this project as not only a shared experience with the children of Mountlake Terrace Elementary, but as a community project celebrating a local Native American artist. Our students, families and community members speak over 25 different languages and celebrate a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. Andrew’s art depicts local cultures in large scale, showing all the community how powerful art can be in bringing dignity and power to its people.  Murals created by children in the school create a strong sense of ownership and Andrew’s larger-than-life art will bring a strong sense of belonging to the families of our school.  Andrew’s art reflects strength in portraits, depicting people from all pages of life and culture. Not only does the project empower students in our community, it supports a local artist coming back home to support his community through his talents.

Our community and school has a rich tradition of art appreciation, art education, and arts education. Together with the Mountlake Terrace Friends of the Arts, we hope to cultivate the next Andrew Morrison in our community through arts education support and empowerment.

Who Is Andrew Morrison?

Andrew is a local artist who grew up in Mountlake Terrace.  Andrew is Native American, went to Mountlake Terrace schools, and was a contributing member of the local community. He even served on the board of the Mountlake Terrace Arts Commission and is why the Mountlake Terrace Friends of the Arts were excited to partner with us.

More about his art can be found at

Gila River Indian Reservation, AZ

Andrew Morrison and Doug Johnson (Principal at Mountlake Terrace Elementary) in front of gym under construction. Gym is now completed. ~ Photo by Mark Hopkins

When Will The Murals Be Painted?

Our goal is to have the funds to paint the murals over winter break 2018. As we fund-raise, any donations made beyond the cost of completing the murals will be donated to provide educational arts programs within the community. These may include (depending on funds):

  • Arts classes at the Pavillion
  • Arts supplies to local schools
  • Art docent classes at local schools

How can YOU help?

We are accepting donations to help fund the project in full. With the help of an Edmonds School District capital projects grant and a generous grant by the Hazel Miller Foundation, we are close to fully funding the project but still have a bit to go!

All donations will be made to our partner organization, MLT Friends of the Arts, a 501(c)3 organization, earmarked especially for this project. With very little overhead, almost 100% of donations go directly to the project. All donations are tax deductible and all donors will receive receipt of their donation for tax purposes.

Help us bring this amazing art back to our school and our community through your tax deductible donation today.  You may donate through PayPal with a debit or credit card, or submit your donation online here as an OFFLINE donation and mail your check to the address provided when filling out the form.  We ask that, for tracking purposes, you submit your intent to donate through this website even if you plan to just write a check.

Every dollar counts, and again, any monies collected OVER the amount needed for the initial project will go into OTHER student and community art projects at not just MTE, but other MLT schools and public areas.

So, don’t delay, donate today!